Attendance and Cancellation Policy

We know unexpected things happen to everyone!

Our Cancellation Policy is very flexible

Student Cancellations:

  • You can cancel a lesson at no cost up to 4 hours before your scheduled class time.
  • If you cancel with less than 4-hours’ notice the lesson will count as a «no-show» and will be discounted from the number of sessions in your package as if you had attended.

Extraordinary life events: in case something extraordinary such as a sudden hospitalization, a car accident, or a similar event causes you to miss a class or cancel with less than 4-hours’ notice you can contact us at explaining the situation so we can consider waiving the cost of the no-show session. You can use this waiver once every 6 months. Please keep in mind this is done on a case-by-case basis and Core-K Spanish reserves the right to decide whether or not to waive the cost of the lesson.

Guide cancellations:

If a Guide needs to reschedule we will contact you with at least 4-hours’ notice so you can decide if you want to take the lesson with a different Guide or reschedule the lesson so you can take it with the original Guide.

If a Guide has an unexpected life event and cannot cancel with 4-hours’ notice we will do our best to provide a Guide for the scheduled time. If we cannot find a Guide, the lesson will not count as a no-show and you can reschedule it at your convenience. 

We care for our students and Guides and will always do our best to show it with our actions.